YouTube Advertising: Benefits for Your Business

YouTube Advertising: Benefits for Your Business

YouTube has a monthly audience of 1 billion people, which is over 6 billion hours of video. YouTube is in 8th place in popularity in Russia. However, not all advertisers know that video hosting is an excellent advertising platform.

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Benefits of YouTube Ads

low cost of driving traffic. Much less money is spent on the transition than when using popular social networks or contextual advertising in search engines;
excellent response rates. More than 80% of users pay attention to ads on video hosting. Almost 50% decide to visit the advertiser’s website. More than half of the viewers later show interest in the advertised product.

The main advantage of advertising on YouTube is the ability to show it to a strictly defined audience. You can choose the age of potential viewers, the specific content of the pages («Sports», «Science and Technology», etc.), the viewer’s personal interests and much more. It is possible to select the most popular videos on YouTube and place your ads there.

The result is an accurate identification of a potential client by specific criteria. The channel efficiency is high, the financial costs are relatively low.

YouTube is ideal for online stores, real estate, consulting and similar companies. About 40% of potential buyers prefer to study a video review before buying.

Features of ads on YouTube

There are two types of YouTube ads:

— banners;
— text messages.

The principles of placement are similar to those used on conventional sites. However, contextual advertising on video hosting has an important feature: if your keyword matches the topic of the video being watched and the information next to it, the viewer will see an advertising message either at the bottom of the video (creeping line) or in a special block for contextual ads.

Instead of a conclusion

Do not get hung up on well-known methods of getting customers. While your competitors are studying the features of advertising on Yandex and Google search, we suggest you use new technologies. They are cheaper, and profit can be several times higher.

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